All orders placed will ship out after January 6th 



  • What is the Indoff Company Store?

The company store is a place where an Indoff employee can go to order goods that have the Indoff logo on them. 


  • What’s available on the company store?

We have everything from polos, woven jackets, hats, pens, bags, golf supplies, tumblers and more


  • Why order from the company store?

This is a great way to promote YOU and Indoff.  You can order your Indoff work shirts for sales calls or to order goods to give to a customer!  Giveaways are greatly appreciated by customers.  Thank them for an order or just being a loyal customer.  If you have a new customer or need an excuse to visit, drop off an Indoff item from the company store. 


  • How you do pay for items off the company store?

You can either pay with your credit card OR if you have money on your budget account, you can use that as well.


  • How do I check my marketing budget?

In Confluence go to Procurement and then Reports tab.

Click the Partner tab

Select Marketing Budget

Select the year and click Run Report

*Please Remember:  Budgets run on a calendar year.  Unused advertising dollars will expire at year-end and cannot be carried forward.


All items are custom to order.  They may not be returned or exchanged.